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The concept
Davos®Observer Profi+ recording device is intended for monitoring of digital and analog telephone lines. Progressive architecture of the solution Client / Server contributes to the stability and user comfort. The emphasis during development was placed on the SW usage simplicity and advanced options of recording and processing of calls. All the experience from the previous installations of Observer Profi/Lite/Privat were taken into account.

HW and SW requirements
The requirements on recording device (server) do not differ from the requirements on operating system itself. The recommended system is Microsoft® Windows 2000/XP or higher). The important parameters are HDD capacity and performance. If the archiving on removable mediums is not installed, HDD capacity denotes the amount of recordable calls (capacity for history, immediate playing). The automat then ensures deleting of the oldest calls (according to the settings).

According to the type of monitored lines there are special voice boards. These boards have the various interfaces depending on the source of the signal (PBX, telco lines). Before you start to install Davos®Observer+, you need to install and configure SW driver and implement the appropriate firmware for the used HW platform. You also have to check the operability of the installed boards. Davos Observer+ system can handle recording of calls from analog or digital ISDN lines (EuroISDN2/30) including trunk lines of the largest PBX manufacturers (Alcatel, Siemens, Avaya, Ericsson, Panasonic …). The various types of connections and standards can be used for the integration with customers systems (CSTA, TAPI, IP …).

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