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(a) End-to-End VoIP Solutions
Complete end  SISI ClearEdge Voice services (VoIP) are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate. Advanced features combined with our reliable managed network, best-of-breed customer support, and voice-optimized technology help you get more from your business VoIP telephone system.

Combine voice over IP and data services onto a single bill from one provider, save on local and long distance calling, reduce capital costs, and simplify administration.

(b) Dedicated Leased Line
Service is available via Telkom Kenya Network which is highly flexible especially in the CBD where there is radiowaves interference and not suitable for wireless network. We can provide any size of bandwidth requirement through this method.

(c) Pre-Paid Platforms
We have calling cards for calling everywhere in the world at very cheap prices.

(d) Dedicated DSL Broadband Service
Business-class DSL over a dedicated line For the business that needs always-on, high-speed Internet service, SISI Dedicated DSL is the service of choice. Dedicated business-class DSL is available in five speeds of 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 512kbps ,1024Mbps.

(e) Wireless Services
SISI Wireless services offer businesses T1-class wireless broadband that delivers fast, symmetrical downstream and upstream speeds. By delivering Internet access through an industry-leading wireless infrastructure, SISI Wireless services provide businesses a powerful alternative to standard T1 services.

(f) Fiber Connections
We also offer high speed fiber connections within the CBD and parts of Westlands and Upper Hill area. The solution is good for high speed capacity needs.

(g) ACulab
We provide E1/T1, SS7, ISDN Digital Network Equipment from Aculab. Users who need to support protocol conversions and complex routing applications between a variety of incompatible networks – both TDM and IP – have the ideal choice in Aculab’s GroomerII. GroomerII will enable interconnection and protocol conversion between most of world’s ISDN networks, SS7, SIP and a rich legacy of channel associated signaling (CAS) and R2 derivatives ...read more

(h) Advanced  VOIP billing
For complete VoIP and Telecom Billing solutions, Advanced radius Server, ISP Billing, Corporate billing and Enterprise solutions. We will tailor the solution to your specific requirement ...read more

(i) Network Management
We  have Certified Engineers  to help you   Manage your network to achieve quality of service Levels In the areas of BGP peering, OSPF, Transition from IPV4 to IPV6, WAN Optimatisation, Real-time WAN Monitoring, Switching, VOIP Peering, Content Management, and In fracture consultancy.

(j) D@vos Data & Voice System
Davos®Observer Profi+ recording device is intended for monitoring of dogital and analog telephone lines. Progressive architecture of the solution Client / Server contributes to the stability and user comfort. The emphasis during development was placed on the SW usage simplicity and advanced options of recording and processing of calls. All the experience from the previous installations... read more.

(k) Online Storage
We have built an online system based to enable you to store or back up   data and retrieve your data whenever you need it regardless of your location with high end security features.

(l) Cable Internet
Where we have more than 10 customers in a building we provide high speed cable internet to the users and to estates. We provide dial up service over PSTN regardless of your location.

(m) Hosting and Co-location
Sisi Ltd data centre incorporates best practice in order to provide the highest security, reliability for you business application needs.

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