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With telecom deregulation globally, markets are opening up for new operators and service providers. When new telecom operators emerge, interconnecting with other telecom networks locally and internationally becomes a challenging concern. Settlements, reconciliations and mediations occur as interconnect agreements are signed by a service provider with other telecom operators. A high-end, reliable and scalable interconnect billing solution is need of the hour for both incumbent and newly licensed telecom operators.

Advanced Interconnect Billing Solution – AIBS – is a solution you can rely on for your company’s valuable interconnect operations. AIBS provides a fully convergent system for your growing interconnect needs as you sign different interconnect agreements and define settlement rates by using state-of-the-art features of this solution.

Easy Invoices, Payments & Settlements
With Advanced Interconnect Billing Solution (AIBS), you can generate invoices according to defined rates and manage payments easily. Settlements comprise the major part of interconnect operations as it involves payment managements with multiple operators.

AIBS offers powerful features for invoices, payments and making settlements. Backed by a powerful billing and rating engine, AIBS is an ideal solution for telecom operators planning to interconnect with other operators and looking for a reliable billing mechanism.

Powerful Reconciliation Features
With AIBS, you can manage billing according to defined reconciliation rules. With a user friendly interface, reconciliation with multiple carriers and their reporting has now become very easy.

Flexible tariff management
Service providers can manage tariffs for interconnecting with different other operators. With this feature, promotional and long-term tariff packages can be defined and instantly activated. This also enables a service provider to offer as many interconnect tariffs as required and hence provides tariff flexibility.

Carrier Grade Solution for

  • LDI (Long Distance and International) operators
  • LL/WLL operators
  • Cellular mobile/GSM operators
  • VoIP operators for wholesale origination and termination

Integrated Collection & Mediation
The collection features facilitate required actions on receiving cash and updating accounts. Mediation is a crucial element of interconnect operations in any telecom carrier. AIBS has made it easy to manage mediation by instant defining and applying mediation rules.

Multiple Report Formats
AIBS offers the flexibility of generating reports of your choice through its multiple report formats feature. A service provider can have different reports based on certain parameters. The fully featured solution offers both e-billing and printed billing reports.

Reliability & Scalability
AIBS is a reliable and scalable solution. This market proven and globally recognized solution has been tested at various levels to ensure fault tolerance.

Hardware Compatibility
AIBS supports integration with a large variety of telecom switches.

Other Features

  • CDR collection and rating
  • Reconciliation on individual call basis
  • Recalculation of CDRs
  • Carrier management
  • E-mail alerts
  • Fraud management
  • Reports (TXT, PDF and XLS format supported)
  • System security
  • Intelligent Network (IN) CDRs processing
  • A-Leg billing

Voip Billing

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